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2943 at the levee2945 bird in bush2949 lamp and benches replace sky2953 shadows heading down2954 lamps TBW2 infrared framed PF4P bw framed2955 lamps TBW2 low contrast framed PFP4 framed bw2958 state capitol2959 state capitol 2 SEP2 bw24 onOne framed  bw2959 state capitol SEP2 bw24 framed  bw2960 benches lamp state capitol replace background2961 flags2963 gazebo on levee2964 Baton Rouge skyline and bridge and Connie2969 a bench2969 river walk TBW2 quad red bw red2970 Port Allen sign2972 looking toward Baton Rouge across the river2976 state capitol2977 state capitol SEP2 vintage yellow framed bw2979 lamp post state capitol 2 heavy alter SEP2 36 antique bw sepia