Zenfolio | Sandra W Morris | 03/19/11 Baton Rouge with the Browns ZS5

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304 state captiol_1305 state captiol_1306 state captiol_1308 Matthew Judy David on Texas TAhdr_1309 state captiol foyer_1311 House of Representatives_1312 house of representatives TAhdr_1313 house chamber_1314 Mathew_1315 house desk_1316 door of house_1317 from house into foyer318 governor elevators TAhdr319 Huey P Long was shot  TAhdr323 in the elevator to the top state capitol TAhdr324 view Baton Rouge from state captiol325 view Mississippi River from state captiol326 Mississippe River pentagon TAhdr327 David Matthew Mike328 from viewing platform state capitol TAhdr