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213  Lido deck  020611 copy226 Captain and officers of the Carnival Triumph 020611 copy243 my country dance look HA 020611 copy247 Sandra and Connie at tea 020611 copy249 tea time yummy 020611 copy251 elevators on ship 020611 copy252 roof of gallery 020611 copy256 center gallery on ship 020611 copy272 dancing with the waiters 020611 copy274 dancing waiters with red hat bling 020611 copy275 Deborah and Rhonda 020611 copy277 my chocolate melting cake 020611 copy278 dessert so good 020611 copy280 happy birthday Rhonda 020611 copy281 happy birthday Rhonda 020611 copy284 Rhonda 020611 copy286 happy birthday Rhonda 020611 copy288 Venetian Bar karaoke room 020611 copy290 karaoke 020611 copy291 towel elephant 020611 copy

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Great set Sandra, they don't hold back on the food :-)
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